Clearfield Sunflowers

Clearfield® sunflowers offers you the first non-GMO and herbicide-tolerant sunflower production system in Canada. Now you can increase your profit potential through exceptional seed genetics and superior weed control.

Crop Protection


Uncompromising seed genetics

Clearfield® sunflowers offer the same great agronomics of conventional oilseed and confectionary sunflower varieties with the added benefits and flexibility of herbicide tolerance.

Six Clearfield sunflower varieties are now available. Each includes leading agronomic traits and yield characteristics that include tolerance to Clearfield herbicides.

Clearfield sunflowers are recognized worldwide as non-GMO.



Mycogen® seeds




CHS Sunflower

Weeds controlled


C - Control       S - Suppression      * - multiple flushing weeds

Weed control and suppression when SOLO® is applied at the 40 acre rate 


Weed TypeSOLO
Barnyard GrassC
Green foxtail (wild millet)C
Persian darnelC
Volunteer barleyC
Volunteer canary seedC
Volunteer durum wheatC
Volunteer spring wheat*C
Volunteer tame oatsC
Wild oatsC
Yellow foxtailC
Japanese bromeS
Cow cockleC
Green smartweedC
Redroot pigweedC
Volunteer canola*C
Wild mustardC
Kochia** (up to 4 whorls)S
Wild buckwheatS

* Non-Clearfield wheat / non-Clearfield canola only

** Does not include Group-2 resistant Kochia


By signing the annual Clearfield® Commitment Form for sunflowers, you not only gain access to valuable Clearfield technology, but you also qualify for AgSolutions® Rewards savings.

The Clearfield Commitment is our dedication to sound stewardship. It’s an agreement between BASF and you, outlining each party’s responsibilities associated with the use of Clearfield technology. It also serves as an annual license to access the technology and helps BASF protect the integrity of the Clearfield Production System so that it will be available for growers well into the future.

For Clearfield sunflowers, a Clearfield Commitment Fee equal to $7/acre will be invoiced at the time of seed purchase. This fee supports continued investment, development and acceleration of BASF trait-based innovations, which will ultimately deliver more products and profit opportunities for growers. By signing the Clearfield Commitment Form for sunflowers you agree to:

  • Use certified Clearfield sunflower seed each year to plant a single commercial crop
  • Pay the $7/acre Clearfield Commitment Fee
  • Not supply Clearfield sunflower seed to other growers or users for production in future years
  • Dispose of, as commercial seed, any seed covered under the agreement and not use it for planting a subsequent crop


  • Sales period for Clearfield sunflowers and registered chemistry - October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014
  • Clearfield Commitment Form regular submission - July 9, 2014


For questions related to the Clearfield Commitment Form for sunflowers process, please contact AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).


Signing the Clearfield® Commitment helps ensure the integrity and sustainability of the Clearfield system. It also gives you access to the benefits of AgSolutions Rewards savings.

Common questions

Does a grower have to sign a Clearfield Commitment

Yes. The Clearfield® Commitment is an agreement between the grower and BASF that outlines both parties’ responsibilities and serves as an annual license to access the benefits of proprietary Clearfield technology. By signing the Commitment, a grower is eligible for BASF crop protection product discounts through the AgSolutions Rewards Program.

In addition to the cost of the seed, there is a Clearfield Commitment Fee associated with the purchase of Clearfield sunflower seed, equal to $7/acre. This fee supports continued investment, development and acceleration of BASF trait-based innovations (i.e. more Clearfield crops, hybrids, varieties and herbicides), ultimately ensuring the delivery of more innovative products and opportunities for growers.

Can a grower re-seed Clearfield sunflower seed?

No. In accordance with the Clearfield Commitment for Clearfield sunflowers, growers must not re-grow themselves, or supply Clearfield sunflower seed to other growers or users for production in future years. Certified Clearfield sunflower seed must be purchased for each year of production from a Clearfield retailer, and a Clearfield Commitment form must be signed for the seed purchased.

Are the Clearfield sunflower varieties genetically engineered?

No. All Clearfield crops, including Clearfield sunflowers, are developed using the same traditional plant-breeding methods that have been used to develop commercial crop varieties for decades. As a result, Clearfield crops are internationally recognized as non-genetically engineered, since they contain no introduced genetic material, thus eliminating any marketing barriers.

Which herbicides can be used on Clearfield sunflowers?

Clearfield sunflowers have herbicide tolerance to SOLO® herbicide.

Will additional herbicides be registered for use on Clearfield sunflowers?

As part of the BASF commitment to the development of new innovations, such as new variety and herbicide options, Clearfield sunflower growers can anticipate new Clearfield sunflower herbicide options over the next few years as the system continues to develop.

What crops can be grown the year after using SOLO herbicide?

The following crops can be grown the year after using SOLO herbicide:

  • Canary seed
  • Durum wheat
  • Spring barley
  • Field peas
  • Spring wheat
  • Winter wheat
  • Tame oats
  • Flax
  • Canola
  • Clearfield canola
  • Lentils
  • Clearfield lentils

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